About Us

AppBanc, LLC, is a California LLC located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Organized to pursue the smart phone software applications and companion technology, AppBanc’s business model includes amusement Apps, still/streaming photography and accessory optic devices.

Formed in July of 2009, the founding team, Gilbert Springer CEO, Madeline Choi COO and Lars Rabbe CTO (formerly Yahoo’s CIO). Executive credentials hail from Silicon Valley’s prominent high-tech companies. Appbanc’s team now includes Jack McDonald, Justine Prior and Elton Szpaller current COO.

AppBanc is introducing a differentiated intelligent optical product targeting the recession proof Smartphone market. The company’s initial focus is Apple’s wireless product family, i.e., iPhones, iPads and iPod touch. Next on Appbanc’s playbook is; cross platforms to Google’s Android and Microsoft smartphones, specialty lenses and video streaming applications.