WoW Lens

Taking High Quality Pictures with your iPhone
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Capture Images that were Unattainable with the Stock iPhone Lens

WoW is 'an always ready’ camera multiple lens accessory and durable case for your iPhone.


Our innovative carousel offers five separate lenses elegantly integrated into a protective 'pocketable' case.


Introducing the iPhone 6 WoW-Lens Case


  • Original iPhone camera - Use the built-in iPhone camera while still having your phone in our protective, shockproof case.

  • Macro - Provides near field magnifications and extends the “depth-of-field” of the iPhones macro-range providing clear magnifications with focal depths enabling quality close subject photography.

  • Wide-angle - Increases the iPhone’s camera view angle by a full 30°, the view-angle’s increase is not limited to the horizontal plane, but, it's a full 180° view-field increase!

  • Neutral Density - Improves quality performance, tones down daytime bright lighting, reduces glare, and motion blur effect.

  • Cameo - The Cameo’s special effect isolates a subject of interest from a live view field, additionally providing a smooth optical vignette heightening skin tones and offers an alluring composure on the human facial features.

WoW Lens is configured to take advantage of our state of the art eZoom app.

eZoom is a state of the art mobile application that fully utilizes the carousel lens features of the WoW Lens.

eZoom automatically saves photos to your camera roll allowing you to quickly edit and share your photos across all forms of social media.

Photos made possible with WoW lens


Hear what people are saying about WoW Lens

People just assume I'm using an expensive digital camera for all my shots, little do they know I'm using WoW Lens.
I used to deride photographers who relied on their iPhones for photography but ever since I started using WoW Lens I've joined the club.
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